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There's good news for you. We like this to be your final search for pest control services. At Pest Control Singapore, we bring you professional and qualified pest control services, at affordable prices.

Most importantly, our pest control experts are reliable and take professional pride to ensure we meet your expectations, when it comes to exterminate all kinds of detestable pest in your home or business premises.


Varieties of Pest Control Problems in Singapore

In Singapore, there are many types of pest ranges from termites, which are extremely destructive, rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches and mosquitoes, notorious for carrying all types of diseases to flea and more.

Each type of pest has its unique characteristics, behaviour, feeding patterns and nesting habits. There are many commercial and DIY methods such as pesticides, repellents, trap and sprays available in the market to remove them. However, most times they do more harm than good. Why? Usually, wrong method and procedures are applied, leading to pest problem is not eradicated completely but suppressed temporarily. The infestation can potentially resurface, wreaking more damages and distress.

For above reasons, many people choose to hire reliable pest control professionals whenever faced with nasty pest problems; you should too.


Our Pest Control Services

At Pest Control Singapore, you can expect to find the most professional and affordable pest control services available in Singapore. Whether you need help with termite control, bed bugs eradication or fumigation services, we have the experience and expertise to handle them. Below is the full range of services we provide...

wood destroyed by termite

Termite Control | Effective White Ants Elimination in Singapore

Termite Control – Singapore Protecting more than just your home Termites is a highly destructive group of hardworking pest, some called it the white ants, causing major structural timber damage to residential / commercial buildings. Termite has a whitish soft bodied

bed bug

Bed Bugs Control | Effective bed bugs removal in Singapore

Bed Bugs Control – Singapore Protect Your Family from Bed Bugs Bed bugs is a painful and irritating problem that we can provide an effective solution for your home. It is a common parasite problem in Singapore. Bed bugs spread easily and rapidly. It


Fumigation Services | Affordable Fumigation for Pest Control in Singapore

Fumigation Services – Singapore An effective solution for pest control Many homes and businesses understand the effectiveness of using fumigation to eradicate pests. It is often one of the popular choice for businesses. However, not all pests can be eliminated by


Rodent Control Singapore | Reliable Rat and Mouse Control Services in Singapore

Rodent Control – Singapore Guard Against Rodents Rodents are sneaky by nature. Their characteristics and habits can make them challenging to control and eliminate. They present a serious menace to your home or businesses. Breaking news of rat activities spotted at

cat flea

Flea Control | Professional Flea Control Solution in Singapore

Flea Control – Singapore Don’t give Flea and Tick Any Chance Fleas and ticks are parasites that attach easily to animals such as rodent, pets, clothing and people. Their presence are very common in Singapore. Your pets such as dog

brown dog tick

Tick Control | Effective Tick Control Services in Singapore

Tick Control – Singapore What you need to know about Ticks There are two common categories of ticks hard ticks soft ticks Ticks are small, dark colour parasite that grows to a length of around 1 cm and sometimes deadly.

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A.I.M for Zero Pest Tolerance

We adopt scientific proved pest control methods that are tailored to your specific pest control needs.

We use a simple and effective 3 steps approach as outline below:


A thorough and dedicate inspection will be conducted at your homes or business premises. Base on the inspection result, we will analyze the root cause and severity of your pest problems. A profession assessment based on our analysis will be explained to you on the next course of action. The whole assessment will last about an hour.


With a common understanding of the situation, we will implement the recommended solutions to eradicate the pest infested hotspots discovered during the inspection. Our recommended pest control solution are scientific proven treatment against pests. We use the latest and available technologies to get rid of your pest woes and prevent future infestation.


After the implementation of the pest control treatments, our team of specialists will return to evaluate the progress. During inspection, if the need arises, our specialists will recommend a regular monitor program solution. Our team of specialists will come on a regular schedule to monitor, eradicate any new pest problems and evaluate the success of the treatments.


We pride ourselves for providing exceptional quality assurance

with a dedicate team of specialists to meet your pest control needs.

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